Sunday, January 18, 2009

Potato PoTAAto

It's been some time since I posted... blame laziness of sharing with the digital world, but I have been making things none the less. Here comes a long post of what I've been up to! Wooo!

Little Felt Squirrel! 

I repainted both the living room and the studio. I can't help but like 70s colors...

A earring tree! Now all I need is to find all my earrings. 

Little clothe octopus!

I made a few of these sconces for my bedroom. They have fixtures to put lightbulbs in them.

Knitted lady elf, and felted frog boy.

The middle of my first oil painting venture. I'll post a picture of the completled picture. Overall, I'm not a fan of oil paints, though my hands didn't get as dirty as I thought they might. I need to try something smaller- as this painting is all tall as me when I stand it up sideways. It was probaly just too much to try for a first time.

I got the supplies to make my own plastic beads in a mold. My mixture of the chemicals was off for this batch, so they all came out a little sticky. I'll need to be more precise next time.

Clothe/felt bowling pin shaped guy. I love the button on his collar.

Oils part two- smaller picture! I'm happy with this one... more reasonable of a venture!

Ok, enough for this hour!