Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comics in progress

Inspired by Bob and Renee and the comics they work on (check out their blogs!), I decided to try my hand at comic making. Last time I tried this was high school, and I like to think I've grown somewhat since then- well... except for height.
I figured that I should start with a character. And so The Great Mustachio was born:

No idiotic clumsy magician is complete though without an adorable (and brilliant) assistant. Meet Mabel:

The premise of the comic is for naive Mustachio to get the duo in wacky predicaments which Mabel uses her noodle to get them out of. A pretty simple, tried and true storyline. I often find myself jumping into over complicating my art, and getting frustrated. So my goal with this project is to keep it simple, keep it cute, and try to make the reader give a light and happy chuckle. No hearty laughter though- I'm not that funny.

Here are just a few doodles from my sketch pad:

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Bob Flynn said...

Adorable characters, Allie! And a fun premise! The more you draw them, the more you'll get a feel for who they are. Can't wait to see more.