Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Music Studio : Redux

Earlier this week Justin and I swapped the living room and the music studio- and oddly, both rooms seems to have more space now! No complaints from the neighbors after our band practice last night, so I feel a lot happier :) It's nice to live somewhere that you can do the things you'd like to! Check out how our music studio is coming along!

Champ brought one of his drumsets over (this one is his 'backup'), he's leaving here too! Meaning... I get to play with it :) I miss my drumset, but it's not on the 'need' to buy list, so having him leave his here is surely the next best thing... if not better!

We need to figure out a solution to our ten guitars being piled up against each other on the wall. The two guitar- guitar stand probably isn't intended to hold that many.
There are stand you can buy that will hold more, kind of like a bike rack.

But they're too pricey for us, so I'm thinking up a way to make one out of pvc piping.

Deep Space Werewolf is doing good, we're getting ready for our first 'show' (which, ok, is in our apartment and just for friends) BUT I wanted to do that first. That way our friends can tell us if there's something we really need to work on. I don't really want to be like those kids auditioning for American Idol who- where were their friends to have a heart to heart with them?

A last note for today - I was uploading my pictures from my trip to NJ this summer, and this is a pretty awesome one to share. It's a mural done by the design group Porktomic ( Check out their site when you've got a chance, there's some great stuff on there.

Flappers? Cool. Octopus? Cool. I love the colors too!

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