Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swapbot coasters

I recently found an awesome website called swap-bot where you sign up to send gifts youve made (based on the swap you sign up for). Granted, I'm not a middle aged stay at home mom with a ton of time on her hands... but dag nabbit. I still like arts and crafts like when I was 7, so I'm going to make the time for it.
This swap was a coaster swap. The lady I got to make coasters for dubbed herself the 'casserole queen'. Which is pretty darn funny- so I figured she must have a good sense of humor. I printed out images and quotes from one of the books in the J-meisters and my collection, called "The Amazing Mackeral Pudding Plan". So so funny- it's a bunch of 70s weight watchers recipes with grotesque pictures.
Here's a few pictures of the coasters I made!

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